Committed to the Common Good is the central hub for mission, ethics, formation, spiritual care, and community health resources for CommonSpirit Health. Additionally, it serves as a live testing ground for real-time innovation, fostering collaboration with both internal and external partners and engaging diverse audiences. We are focused on furthering our mission to make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable, while we advance social justice for all.

Formation Focus of the Month
Formation Monthly Focus

Formation is for everyone. While we are building out a comprehensive library of formation resources, each month we will provide a "formation focus" of resources to be used and customized for your team.

Signature Programs

The EthicsLab Podcast explores current health care ethics issues with national experts to provide better knowledge and practical results. Join us as we work to enable health care professionals and community leaders to deliver the best possible health care experience.

The EthicsLab Essentials provides a core curriculum designed to enrich ethics committee members through a podcast and website format. A podcast format was chosen due to its easy accessibility and learning schedule flexibility for the listener.

Our Formation Innovation podcast begins with the Courageous Paths of Hope and Healing series. In these episodes, we explore stories from our faith-based heritage through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured Resources
Our Mission, Vision and Values

Learn about our mission, vision, and values and what we’re doing to advance our healing mission and ministry. CommonSpirit Health has a rich legacy -- and we are committed to ensuring our healing ministry and culture continues for generations to come.

Sacred Stories

Sacred Stories convey ways our mission is being lived out by the gifted people in our ministry. We invite you to use these stories for inspiration, as a meeting reflection, or to encourage discussion with your team.

Ethics Discernment Framework

The CommonSpirit Ethics Discernment Framework is a standard deliberative process and spiritual exercise for leaders, Executive Teams, and Boards to use when making decisions.

  • First, ask “Who is God calling us to be?”
  • Then, answer “What are we going to do?”
News and Events

Working for the Common Good Enjoy Feast Day Program Recording and Resources

On Thursday February 2, national employees from across our ministry participated in the Working for the Common Good Feast Day program. It focused on our calling to champion the common good and some of our innovative community outreach programs. Now, all CommonSpirit Health employees can view the event recording and […]

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CEO Wright Lassiter III Named Among Most Influential People in Healthcare

Congratulations to CommonSpirit CEO Wright Lassiter III for being named among Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare for 2022.

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CommonSpirit Health Hope for the Holidays Resources

Thank you to everyone who attended the CommonSpirit Health Spirituality of System Office Hope for the Holidays virtual events! Our celebration this year featured five different virtual programs that enabled us to to celebrate the holidays, enjoy time with system office colleagues, and learn something new. Check out our events […]

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