Signature Programs

 EthicsLab Podcast

The EthicsLab Podcast explores current health care ethics issues with national experts to provide better knowledge and practical results. Join us as we work to enable health care professionals and community leaders to deliver the best possible health care experience.

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 Mission Innovation Podcast

The Mission Innovation Podcast interviews known thought leaders and practical innovators on building the intersection between mission, organizational life, leadership, culture, faith and spirit.

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 EthicsLab Essentials Podcast

The EthicsLab Essentials provides a core curriculum designed to enrich ethics committee members through a podcast and website format. A podcast format was chosen due to its easy accessibility and learning schedule flexibility for the listener.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years, all of our licensed hospitals complete comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to guide the development of strategies to meet priority needs.

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Spirituality of work

Since the beginning of Catholic Health Initiatives, an explicit effort has been made to develop a culture “grounded in spirituality”.  Early on, the four core values of the organization (reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence) were identified through a grass-roots process, as the hallmarks of this lived spirituality.

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 Sacred Stories

At Catholic Health Initiatives we promote a workplace spirituality in which we can come closer, through our work, to becoming aware of our God working with us and through us in the most ordinary everyday activities of our work. Our publication of Sacred Stories provides a glimpse into the lived spirituality of our ministry culture and has become a hallmark of Catholic Health Initiatives.

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