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In communities across America, our health is our common thread. At CommonSpirit Health, we know that the conditions in which our patients were born, grow, work, live, and age impact their health status and our ability to effectively care for them.

That’s why the Community Health team works to address the social, economic, and environmental conditions that influence health and health equity in communities by engaging in collaborative health improvement programs, strategic grant making, investing, and innovative partnerships. Together, we can care for the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

Community Health Strategic Framework

The Community Health Strategic Framework serves as a unifying platform for the varied work of improving community health across the ministry. It is the result of several months of input from colleagues in multiple departments across the organization, an environmental scan of trends and emerging opportunities, and thoughtful deliberation and planning. The goals of the Framework:

  • To provide shared elements for how Community Health works to improve health and address the conditions that influence it, while acknowledging that specific health needs and priorities differ from place to place and over time.

  • To present four Core Strategies that identifies major areas of programmatic work locally and nationally, and identifies Community Health's key assets and how they work together in advancing our aims.

  • To establish alignment, integration, and partnerships as major themes for how Community Health accomplishes its work. Community Health functions as a vital contributor to improving community health locally and nationally, in concert with both other CommonSpirit Health departments and with an array of external collaborators.

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