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Did you know...

CommonSpirit promotes an understanding of the human person as complex beings made in the likeness of God with physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions that require attention and care for optimal health and healing. Our pastoral and spiritual care ministries acknowledge the existential need for all persons to find and sustain meaning, purpose and hope regardless of faith or no faith. Through living our mission and values in our work, we encourage all employees of CommonSpirit to offer basic spiritual caring to our patients, their families, and communities, and to other co-workers.

Meet LaVera Crawley

A former Family Physician on the Navajo Indian Reservation, an empirical bioethicist and Asst. Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Palliative Care Chaplain, ACPE Certified Educator, and Director of Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education at the California Pacific Medical Center have brought me to my current career in Spiritual Care Leadership.

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