EthicsLab Essentials

The EthicsLab Essentials Podcast provides accredited (CME) health care ethics education in a highly accessible way, “anytime, anywhere”. The 12 free podcast episodes are offered to health care professionals and ethics committee members on this website page or on platforms you use to listen to podcasts. Each episode is accompanied by practical tools and links to other informative and helpful materials.

Some groups, like ethics committees, will listen to a podcast episode individually before their ethics committee meeting. Then, at the committee meeting, the committee chair will use the facilitation guide provided, to lead a discussion of how the issues/concepts/tools discussed in the episode can improve the work of their ethics committee. Each episode recording is led by expert contributors.

Individuals can obtain CME Accreditation for each of the 12 episodes, by first registering using the link below. Once registered complete the four-step process: 1) complete the pre-test; 2) listen to the episode; 3) complete the post-test; and 4) complete the CME evaluation. Once you have successfully completed those four steps, you can print out your CME pdf credit certificate or save it electronically for submission to accreditation boards.