The fun and fellowship of Hope for the Holidays for CommonSpirit Health system offices was held December 7 through 11, 2020. This virtual event enabled us to to celebrate the holidays, enjoy time with system office colleagues, and learn something new.

This page contains the recorded sessions for each of the events as well as any supporting resources that were provided.

Happy Holidays from all of us at CommonSpirit Health!

Monday, Dec. 7: Advent Prayer Service

Hope for the Holidays begins with an Advent Prayer Service. In the Christian tradition, Advent is regarded as a season of hope. Now more than ever, each of us could use some hope that tomorrow will be a little better, a little easier, and filled with peace and joy. Our Chief Mission Officer, Tom Kopfensteiner, will lead this prayer service, joined by some other senior leaders of CommonSpirit.

Tuesday, Dec. 8: Gentle Yoga for Desk Workers and Zoom Users

No yoga experience is necessary to participate in this gentle chair yoga session for anyone who spends lots of time sitting at a computer. Registered Yoga Teacher Denise Hess will lead us through a guided breathing and restorative stretching sequence to help you feel a little more energy and a little less tension in your day. You’ll need comfortable clothing, a chair (with a seat cushion and without wheels or arms, if possible), and a quiet space big enough to stretch your arms out to your sides.

Chair Yoga for Zoomers

Wednesday, Dec. 9: Healthy Holidays with Hank the Health Hero and Friends

Hank the Health Hero is a puppet who works with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health in Lancaster, PA, one of CommonSpirit’s Community Health Services Organizations. Hank’s appetite for adventure inspires kids and adults to join his epic quests to make healthy choices. He’ll share advice for being happy, healthy and connected during this unusual – but still magical – holiday season. Please ask any children you live with to join you for this special event.

Holidays with Hank – Takeaway

Holidays with Hank – Calming Christmas Breaths

Holidays with Hank – Festive Ways to Move Your Body

Thursday, Dec. 10: A Look at Religious and Cultural Celebrations

A look at religions and cultural celebrations will explore a few of the many faith and societal holidays and celebrations held in and around the month of December. Through an interview-style Zoom call, we’ll come to more fully understand the meaning and significant customs of celebrations our colleagues and patients may participate in, with a focus on hope and light. Join us with your curiosity and questions as we touch on the rich diversity of our traditions.

Friday, Dec. 11: Festive Wreath Making Workshop

If you would like to create a beautiful new decoration for the holidays (for yourself or someone else), this is the session for you. Julie Winje of Inspired Designs will show us how to create a lovely wreath on a wire hoop frame, on point with the latest in festive design trends.

You’ll need some supplies that you can find online, in craft stores, or even in your own backyard: see them here.

The Festive Wreath – a look at the culture, origins, symbolism and common characteristics of wreaths.

Past Celebrations and Feast Days

Gratitude, Fellowship, Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving 2020

It’s the season of Thanksgiving and a time for gratitude. We’re grateful for you, our CommonSpirit Health colleagues. While we all hope to be with people we love during this holiday season, some of us will probably need to connect virtually with family and friends. If that’s your situation, we would like to offer you some resources.

First, we have a brief guide with some tips for holding a virtual holiday gathering with your family and friends. All of you have experience with Zoom, and perhaps with other virtual meeting platforms, too. But these tips might help you plan a virtual gathering with family or friends who are not as experienced as you are.

Click the image below to download.

Second, we’d like to share with you the CommonSpirit Health Thanksgiving Message. It’s a thoughtful reflection on this unusual Thanksgiving. This message is also being shared with all CommonSpirit employees this week through our Insights newsletter – but we just want to make sure that all of you have access to it. You might like to share it at your own gathering.

Click the image below to download.