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Allocating Blood Products: A New Approach to Scarcity

One of the most difficult problems facing hospitals and health systems today is scarcity of key medical resources. Unfortunately, blood product shortages are not uncommon, and they present significant challenges for patient care. Our guests in this episode developed a specific set of recommendations and a protocol for their hospitals to deal with these situations. […]

Rural Healthcare: Unique Ethical Perspectives

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 46 million, or 15% of all Americans live in rural areas. And, as more attention is given to meeting the health needs of this population, a significant gap in health between rural and urban Americans has emerged.   Rural Americans are more […]

Beyond Limitations: Disability and Quality of Life

When you hear the phrase quality of life, what comes to mind? Having dinner with family, learning a language, watching a movie with friends? Or, does the image of a patient struggling to perform basic tasks such as bathing or getting dressed, or someone who is reliant on a ventilator to breathe come to mind? […]

Working for the Common Good Enjoy Feast Day Program Recording and Resources

On Thursday February 2, national employees from across our ministry participated in the Working for the Common Good Feast Day program. It focused on our calling to champion the common good and some of our innovative community outreach programs. Now, all CommonSpirit Health employees can view the event recording and enjoy an array of resources […]

Assent | End of Life

Assent End of Life  In complex cases like this one, it can be helpful for clinicians to provide recommendations. It can be very challenging to provide recommendations at the end of life and warrants, at a minimum, ensuring all clinicians agree. When all clinicians agree a treatment is not medically appropriate or futile, then clinicians […]