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An Exclusive Interview with Pam Cipriano and Marlene Feagan

Listen in on an interview with Pam Cipriano, the 35th President of the American Nurses Association and Marlene Feagan, the Health Ministries Coordinator and past President of the Health Ministries Association. Pam Cipriano, PhD. 35th President of the American Nurses Association and Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia School of Nursing, Charlottesville, VA […]

Informed Consent: Supporting Patient Autonomy

Informed consent is one of the foundational ethical principles in health care that supports patient autonomy, or stated differently, the patients right to self-determination. More and more the standard for what clinicians should inform patients about the risks benefits and alternatives of treatment are no longer determined by what a responsible body of physicians deems […]

Discharge Dilemmas: Patients with Disabilities

Consider someone leaving a hospital, after their care is completed at that location, to return to their home and local community. As discharge plans are made to continue their care, their healing, their rehabilitation, are there ethical challenges that arise? Can there be biases that shape that plan because of their ability, disability, lack of […]

Paying Attention: Looking Back, Looking Forward (2019)

As we look back on 2018 and forward to 2019, our guests are editors of key healthcare ethics journals with an international readership: Gregory  E. Kaebnick, Editor, The Hastings Center Report – The Hastings Center Leslie LeBlanc, Managing Editor, Journal of Clinical Ethics Fr. Charles Bouchard, Editor, Health Care Ethics USA – Catholic Health Association of the United States What are […]

Psychiatric Disability and Life Threatening Non-Adherence

Imagine a patient who suffers from an underlying psychiatric disability and comes to a hospital with a critical illness after prolonged non-adherence to a medical treatment plan. Because of their inability to follow a treatment plan, the patient now faces an end-of-life situation, even though the condition would otherwise not be considered terminal. I am […]

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