EthicsLab Essentials Moral Distress and Moral Resiliency

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Have you ever experienced an event, a situation or a decision where you felt that your professional integrity had been compromised? It may have occurred because of something you did, something someone else did or simply a number of events that lined up in a way that made you feel that you were between a rock and hard place. In that moment you probably experienced moral distress. In this episode, we look at moral distress in the health care environment. What are the clinical situations that cause moral distress to arise, what can be done to respond, can it be cured or is it a part of our moral life?

After registration, participants pursuing CME credit must complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: review and acknowledge the EthicsLab Essentials Disclaimer and complete pre-test to evaluate participant knowledge before listening to the podcast episode
  • Step 2: listen to the EthicsLab Essentials podcast episode
  • Step 3: complete post test to evaluate participant knowledge gained after listening to the podcast episode
  • Step 4: complete evaluation

Once all steps have been successfully completed, participants are issued PDF claiming instructions to obtain a certificate for submission to accreditation boards.

This educational activity targets the entire interprofessional team.