Prepare for a Discernment

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Self Awareness - Identifying Your Own Biases

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Other Factors to Consider During Preparation


Decisions should be made at the lowest appropriate level, with stakeholder input.

  • Invite stakeholders based on role and perspective, some to be present and some to provide input and viewpoints
  • Invitees should be diverse in background, experience, and position

Probability Analysis

Probability Analysis - What are the likely outcomes of each option? Who has specific expertise in these areas, and what is their input?

Scope of Authority


The participants in the discernment are charged with formally making the decision.


The participants are responsible for identifying possible options and recommending a course of action to others who are ultimately accountable for the decision (e.g. the Board, ELT, CEO, etc.).


The participants intend to ask for something (input, agreement, capital, approval, etc.) from others who have the authority to decide.

Identify Criteria

The participants are tasked with identifying criteria and values to use when evaluating options. For example, what to ask when evaluating RFPs or what to look for in potential vendors. The criteria would be provided to others who are ultimately accountable for the decision.

Framework Clear