Sharpening discernment facilitation skills through immersive role play using the CommonSpirit Ethics Discernment Framework

The Ethics Discernment Intensive (EDI) offers high-intensity training on practical aspects of facilitating discernment using the CommonSpirit Ethics Discernment Framework for ethicists, Mission leaders, or other leaders who will be discernment facilitators.  The EDI reviews the Ethics Discernment Framework, and skills and tools for facilitators to use in five immersive role play sessions that simulate discernments.  Since the focus is on role play and the practice of discernment facilitation, participants should be leaders who will be expected to (or have volunteered to) facilitate discernments. Discernment facilitators must participate in an EDI before facilitating. 

For more information, or to register for an upcoming EDI, email Russell.Keithline@commonspirit.org