Formation is a life-long journey.

Formation is an ongoing process that invites those who serve at CommonSpirit Health into experiences to discover connections between personal meaning and organizational purpose. These connections inspire and enable participants to articulate, integrate, and implement the foundational elements of Catholic health ministry so that it flourishes now and into the future.

The goal of formation is to support the mission and advance the ministry of CommonSpirit Health as we engage the tremendous personal gifts in our midst. As a faith-based, nonprofit health system created by 17 congregations of women religious, keeping the mission alive for future generations is paramount. Through fostering the alignment of our mission with participant’s personal values, formation inspires a deeper commitment to our healing ministry while advancing our mission for the sake of the common good.

Sacred Stories.

Sacred Stories convey ways our mission is being lived out by the gifted people in our ministry. We invite you to use these stories for inspiration, as a meeting reflection, or to encourage discussion with your team. These stories are about the moments when the people of CommonSpirit Health find deeper meaning in their daily work. Read Sacred Stories or listen to the podcast to to inspire, comfort and reassure others.

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Podcasts for Formation.

The Formation Innovation podcast explores proven and innovative approaches to formation in faith-based health care. Through interviews with mission, spiritual care, formation, and other leaders, we will explore new and time-tested approaches to formation in our current context.

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Reflections and Prayers.


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