Boss’s Day

Because of the way that the Great Prophet Moses relied on his brother Aaron to “speak for him” many people believe that Moses had a speech problem.  Apparently, it was not his silver tongue and savvy sayins’ that won the hearts of the Hebrew nation that followed him to the land promised by God.

It was his unyielding dedication to being useful for God.  

When Samuel the prophet went out to the small village of Bethlehem he looked at all of the sons of Jesse to see which would be chosen King of Israel.  They were many, tall and strong, but the one that Samuel was looking for was not even present because he was considered too small, too young to do anything but stay with the sheep.  But he Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t be impressed by appearances or height… God does not see things the way people do… but the Lord looks at the heart.”

David had a heart for God.

Joseph’s brothers took his cloak, sold him into slavery and told his father he was dead.  In Egypt Joseph prospered until wrongly accused by Potiphar’s wife of wrongdoing and was sent to jail.  During this trial Joseph remained meek and never revolted against his situation other than to stay steadily and humbly attuned to God.

God desires a humble and contrite heart.

The leader of a ministry is a person who knows that they lead something that they do not own.  But they know the person to whom it belongs.  And they honor Him by remaining stalwart, stewarding the work and longing to fulfill His will for the time that they are allowed to do so.  

From all of us, a blessing to our leaders, 

That you have peace, confidence, and courage; and that your walk remain humble.

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