Halloween Hope

“Do not hide Your face from me …” Psalm 102

While not a fan of the Horror genre of films which are especially common at this time of year, I do respect the idea of being frightened. As one recalls the many kinds of fears piled into these types of stories a common template begins to occur.

First, the heroine/hero is cast into troubles beyond her/his control … trauma. Second, they are slowly but relentlessly stripped of the ability to fight … hopelessness. Third, at the point of greatest despair, they rally or the world rallies around them in new hope and, to everyone’s surprise, they prevail. “Repeat, and blend” with a relationship, or two and viola! You’ve made a movie!

Which is the scariest part of the movie for you? Running away in fear from dread of what might happen? Or, feeling truly bereft of hope?

Losing hope is really scary.

One of the reasons we celebrate this time of year is because there is so much mystery about the life for which we hope. Not only for ourselves, but for our friends, children, and people for whom we care deeply – love.

Our tradition calls us to remember love in a way that casts fear aside. When things are dark and we are taunted by voices of doubt, when we cannot see any way out, this is the time to remember love. Not like the simple recollection of a bygone past, but a true living force that breathes life into darkness in such a powerful way that it saves us.

Through our memory, love becomes powerful. So, take a moment and remember. True Love has never let you down.

Peace & Love,

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