The Dancing Monk

It’s fun sharing doodles that’s origins were thoughts from meetings.  Again, this is a doodle about a Monk that is almost flying inside of his own inhibitions.  Dance!

The contrast of a somber, wool-clad, ascetic dancing without restraint makes me happy.  

It makes me happy to think there might be times when the most genuine offering of love might be to make a fool of myself.  A fool for God, so to speak.

Do you recall the story in the OT about King David dancing wildly when the Ark of the Covenant was returning to Jerusalem in a parade?  It made his wife mad.  He got some heavy criticism for it.

Marriage and parenthood were not David’s strong suits but he got it right in his response to Michal (I loosely translate), “Yeah! I was dancing before the Lord!  And, I’d do it, again!  As a matter of fact, I’m willing to look even stupider than this, and I will gladly risk being seen as a fool by you, anyday.”  (2 Samuel 6:14-22, if you’d like to see the real words).  

I know that we can’t dance like fools in the hallways of a hospital, but sometimes I wish we could.  Like when a patient recently was taken off ECMO after 6 months of all of us feeling like his care was futile … and now he’s fine!  Talk about a time to celebrate, and to be humble about who we are.

Children still dance in the halls.  They don’t know that we aren’t supposed to do that, yet.  But we’ll teach them soon enough (too bad).  

“What could happen in your life that would make you dance in perfect abandon, save to glorify the gift you’ve just received?”  

Admittedly, I haven’t spontaneously combusted into dance very many times.  But, I have been driven to draw it from some feeling of awe, or an ill-subdued sense of aspiration.

I hope I find out before my time here is done.  I hope you do, too. If you do, please let me know.  It would only serve to make me bolder to know there are others.

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