You are Enough

You are enough.

Who among us hasn’t heard the lyrics to Springsteen’s song, Born to Run and felt deep rumblings in your spirit.  

“Tramps like us,

Baby, we were born to run”

It’s like the Boss was talking straight to me.  I GOT THIS!!

Here’s a challenge:

Breathe.  Take a long look in the mirror (or, close your eyes and picture yourself).  Think of yourself through the lens of a friend, a parent, or a loving God and ask, 

“Do I have dignity?”

“Do I want others to have dignity?”

“Do I care?”

“Am I willing to help?”

“Am I willing to listen?”

“Am I willing to risk being heard?”

No matter how you answer these questions for yourself, when you answer them through the eyes of people who love you the answers are “YES!”  You need to remember who you are.  And when you remember then you recall that you have it in you to “Run”!  Because the nature of the One who created you is intelligent, reasonable, good, full of hope, and powerful. 

“Our God gives us everything we need, …”   2 Thessalonians 1:2

… And, if you need someone to remind you, call me 479-431-9856. Or, ask a chaplain – they’ll tell you.


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