implicit bias

"A bias or prejudice that is present but not consciously held or recognized"

POV Series - PBS

Independent filmmakers presenting unique stories and characters with a point of view focused on implicit bias

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Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism

What is implicit bias? NYT/POV's Saleem Reshamwala unscrews the lid on the unfair effects of our subconscious.

2m 26s video

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Check Our Bias to Wreck Our Bias

Signs of implicit bias lurk within our inboxes, social networks and the patterns of our daily lives. Looking at our own data can help us change our ways.

3m video

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Snacks and Punishment

Need justification for taking breaks and naps? Turns out those activities could make us less biased toward people of other races.

2m 5s video

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High Heels, Violins and a Warning

Orchestras made clever changes to deal with centuries-old bias. If an orchestra can do it, there's hope for all of us — but a final word of caution.

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