Artificial Intelligence: Issues Arising


In healthcare, we are able to capture ever increasing levels and types of data. The potential is there for more accurate diagnosis and more relevant which would better inform healthcare decisions and potentially avoid medical error or unnecessary treatments. Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly accurate in text, in sound or in image recognition with the capability to process and analyze large volumes of data. They have the potential to lighten the load on healthcare professionals and therefore allowing them to spend more time with patients, potentially improving healthcare decision making and delivering higher quality healthcare. What are ethical questions that arise with this data, and with artificial intelligence technologies?

Our guest in this episode, Anita Ho, is a healthcare ethicist with a background in philosophy and public health and has worked university and hospital settings in Canada, The United States and Singapore. She is currently associate professor at the University of British Columbia Center for Applied Ethics, and Associate Professor at the Bioethics Program at the University of California, San Francisco. A focus of her work has been the ethical impact of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence in healthcare. We are very pleased to be in conversation with Anita in this episode!

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