Bringing our Whole Selves to Work

Well my fellow journeyers, we are about to embark on a new path.  One that will take us deeper into some of the unique characteristics of our ministry culture.

Along the path, we will discover together how our spiritual journeys, core values and mindset of gratitude come to life, through each of us, in our workplace environment.

Part of the beauty of being in a ministry like CHI, is the recognition that the ministry flourishes only because the people of CHI bring their gifts and talents to their work every day.  Sadly, our society encourages a machine-like approach to life. It goes something like this, when we arrive at work, we leave something at the door and the same thing kind of happens when we get home. We almost separate into two different personalities. These structures tempt us to lead compartmentalized lives detached from our emotions or spirituality.  That approach to life is not healthy.

Watch this video and learn more about how we not only invite people to bring their whole selves in the work they do, we expect it.

This approach is healthier. And it takes courage and intentionality to be able to bring all of who we are to work.  Take this unmistakable message into your reflection as you consider this month’s Guide Post and Journal page.

Feel free, to the extent you are comfortable, to share your thoughts with others on the journey with you.  In the months to come we will come across and explore together several other unique characteristics of our ministry culture.  Lean into the journey my friends, it is truly a path of learning and growth.

10-18-18 Journal Page Bring Your Whole Self

10-18-18 Guidepost Live as Your Whole Self

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