Episode 5 – Sr. Abby Newton


In this episode of Courageous Paths of Hope and Healing, Sr. Abby Newton reflects on St. Joseph, the patron saint of St. Joseph’s Medical Center. With a focus on a steadfast commitment to the local community, this podcast explores the role of community, hope, prayer, and courage in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sr. Abby Newton, OP is the CommonSpirit Health Division Vice President of Mission Integration for Central California. She has been a Dominican Sister of San Rafael since 1981 and has ministered at St. Joseph’s since 2003. Prior to working in health care, Sister Abby served for many years as an elementary school prinicipal in Los Angeles and San Rafael.

In addition to a Masters in Private School Administration from USF, she holds a Masters in Theology in Health Care Mission from Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Read the Heritage Story Reflection by Sr. Abby: A Reflection on St Joseph by Sr. Abby Newton

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