Connected Community Network Overview

The Connected Community Network's (CCN) vision is to create linkages between hospitals, clinics, and local community organizations that provide services vital to vulnerable populations. The broader goal is to construct a community solution – consisting of a network of community partners to address the social determinants of health (SDoH) and link any individual in need to appropriate community resources. These resources meet a variety of health-related social and economic needs including: stable and affordable housing, chronic disease management programs, healthy food, substance abuse counseling, etc.

CCN Aims

Many patients who receive care in a hospital or other clinical setting return to their daily lives without utilizing the support systems they need to recover and maintain ongoing health. The CCN aims to close gaps between medical and non-medical providers and create a continuum of care that creates clear pathways for patients to utilize the community services they need to reach their greatest health potential, both inside and outside of the clinical setting.

  1. Accelerate health-related social needs screening and referral across the ministry to make addressing social care part of standard practice
  2. Promote greater access to clinical and nonclinical community resources to those in need
  3. Enhance visibility into the patient journey before and after reaching our clinical settings
  4. Create a comprehensive and automatically maintained repository of community resources
  5. Shift ownership and investment into communities themselves
  6. Increase community capacity
CCN Clincian

Current CCNs

CCNs utilizing the latest referral technologies are currently live in:

  • San Joaquin County, CA
  • Merced County, CA
  • Kern County, CA
  • Douglas County, Nebraska

New CCNs launching in 2022:

  • Sacramento & Yolo Counties, CA
  • Santa Cruz County, CA

CommonSpirit Health endeavors to expand CCNs to all our service areas over the next five years.

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