United Against Violence

In 2008, the United Against Violence initiative was introduced, the first of its kind to be sponsored by a national nonprofit health system. This program is our formal commitment to violence prevention.

CommonSpirit’s approach to violence prevention, using community-based programs, public policy advocacy and shareholder advocacy, is a powerful combination of strategies that collectively make a meaningful difference in any and all forms of violence.

The complexities of violence require us to take comprehensive approaches, recognizing that violence is a public health issue, and it is our role to address and prevent this epidemic just as we work to prevent other serious issues impacting health and wellbeing.

As part of this commitment, the Mission and Ministry Fund provides support for local operations to create or expand violence prevention programs in their communities.
Learn more about ongoing violence prevention efforts in CommonSpirit communities.

CONTACT: Laura Krausa, Director United Against Violence and Advocacy Programs

laura.krausa@commonspirit.org (303) 383-2748

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