Social Needs Analytics Platform (SoNA)

A CommonSpirit Health SDOH database and dashboard


Introducing SoNA

To improve the health of vulnerable people we serve, CommonSpirit Health understands that health does not happen in a silo, an individual's health has many factors within medical care, social services, behavioral health, and the environment - such as housing, food, mental status, - are interdependent. CommonSpirit Health's Community Health team is committed to not only addressing health-related social needs sustainably. The latest initiative to ensure we are addressing these social needs is SoNA, a first-of-its-kind database and dashboard for understanding and visualizing the intersection of social and clinical needs.

SoNA collects CommonSpirit Health patients’ social needs data and matches it to EHR data to create a better understanding of CSH’s patients and their social needs.

SoNA_Platform Image

With SoNA, CommonSpirit Health will be able to:

  • Identify and outreach to individuals who could benefit from social services, for example:
    • Medically tailored meal delivery - to ensure they keep their chronic disease under management while living in a food desert
    • Utility assistance - to make sure they can keep their insulin refrigerated
    • Transportation - to go to and from their primary care appointment while living in an area with no public transportation
  • Understand the demographics of patients who need social services and their journey - within and outside of hospital walls
  • Measure impact and benefits of Community Health initiatives on CSH patients
  • Identify locations that can benefit most from specific programs, community investment, or policy and advocacy
  • Understand patient social needs to help with Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Strategically partner with organizations and health plans that would benefit from CommonSpirit Health’s services
  • Identify health inequities and address social injustices

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