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A new approach

At CommonSpirit Health, formation is more than a program,
workshop, or series of retreats; rather, it is a life-long journey.

Formation is for everyone.

It is a process, not a program;

it is a journey, not a destination.

It strengthens and inspires,

benefiting us individually and organizationally.

In these efforts, you play a key role. In partnership with mission
leaders, resources will be made available to you and those who offer
formation experiences for teams. Our goal is for every CommonSpirit
employee to be able to engage in formation experiences, aligned with
local mission efforts, in the context of one's daily work.

Formation Definition

Formation is an ongoing process that invites those who serve at CommonSpirit Health into experiences to discover connections between personal meaning and organizational purpose. These connections inspire and enable us to articulate, integrate, and implement the foundational elements of Catholic health ministry so that it flourishes now and into the future.

Formation Purpose

Formation strengthens the sense of personal purpose and calling in our work in order to sustain the faith-based and ministerial identity of CommonSpirit. Through this, we encourage operational excellence as we live out our mission, vision and values.

Formation Vision

All who serve at CommonSpirit will have formation experiences that will both foster personal growth and help sustain who we are, why we are, and how we are as a faith-based ministry.

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This Formation Guide will give you a snapshot of the CommonSpirit
philosophy and approach to formation.

This Formation Strategic Vision 2021-2025 will give you a high level
snapshot of the vision for
formation at CommonSpirit.

A Focus on 4 Dimensions

This framework visualizes the foundational dimensions of formation
that guide content and resource offerings.



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