A prayer for
comfort in suffering
Prayer Theme: Suffering

Lord God, sometimes I feel lonely,

and from the depths I cry out to you.

From within me your voice answers me,

and I know that you, Eternal Friend, are with me.

Sometimes the sense of failure seizes me,

and I am disheartened.

I raise my eyes to you

and your heavenly light shines upon me

and bids me to persevere.

Sometimes my daily life oppresses me.

To you I lift up my soul,

and I realize that by doing my duty faithfully

and cheerfully I am serving you, Divine Master,

and my task is revealed to me

as something good and sacred.

Sometimes I am sad and sick at heart.

I think of you, Spirit of perfect righteousness and love,

and a wonderful joy comes to me

for I know that you are guiding me.

O Lord God of Hosts,

you will always comfort me.

Blessed be your name for ever and ever.



Unknown; from the Jewish tradition


Prayer, suffering, sadness, grief, God’s presence

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