A prayer for peace and
fortitude in worry
Prayer Theme: Hope

In this age of anxiety and stress, we ask for your Presence to be made clearly amongst us.

Be with us as we confront illnesses that leave many of us in a state of worry for our families, our friends, our colleagues, our communities, our nation and our world.

As hospitals and health care providers seek to continue the healing ministry of You, may they have fortitude for the road ahead, knowing that you are walking this journey with them with your mighty Hand. Remind them of both their strength and Your strength.

We ask for Your comfort upon those who have already lost loved ones during the time of viruses. And, may healing be upon those who are physically suffering and spiritually suffering through this season.

May the wilderness of this time & the uncertainty we may feel, strengthen our resolve to lean on your word, abide in your presence, and be guided by your enduring and powerful Spirit.

You have been with us in every age and will remain a refuge — to take solace, to recollect our thoughts, to remember that all things of this world are fleeting, and this too shall pass.

Let us recall the calming of the storm by your Hand. Let us today and tomorrow and the days ahead lean on Your fortitude, and resolve to care for each other and support each other through this difficult journey before us in our lives, both collectively and individually.

Amidst the darkness, the confusion and the storm of worry, may your Presence be made abundantly revealed so that Your light, Your hand, and Your strength, give us steadiness, refuge, clarity of purpose, and hope.



Catholic Health Association Prayer Library for the NACC

by Elizabeth (Lisa) Ecks in Sacramento, CA


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