Going Upstream | Impacting the Health of Vulnerable Children

This episode of Mission Innovation speaks to two leaders in two different states, impacting the health of vulnerable children. What does that look like, what are the stories, the challenges, what are the innovations that have helped? Our guests in this episode are Allen Sanchez, President of CHI St. Joseph’s Children in New Mexico and Philip Goropoulos, President of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Casey Foundation’s 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book looks at trends in child well-being.  It notes that in 2016, one in five children lived in poverty and offers a picture of how Children’s health is fundamental to their overall development. Ensuring kids are born healthy is the first step toward improving their life chances. Family violence, inadequate housing, lack of preventive health care, maternal depression, poor nutrition, poverty and substance abuse undermine children’s health. Poor health in childhood affects other critical aspects of a child’s life, such as school readiness and attendance, and can have lasting consequences on his or her future health and well-being. 

Resources references in this episode:

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