Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an egregious form of exploitation of vulnerable individuals by for the personal gain of the captor. We are very pleased to have five very experienced guests who bring a great diversity of expertise on this issue. We will be speaking to these guests with a particular point of view…we want to understand what their experience has been like, what their dilemmas and challenges have been on three levels:

  1. The individual encounters with trafficked persons as patients,
  2. Improving our organizational capacity to respond to human trafficking, and,
  3. Responding within some of the societal challenges surrounding this issue.

This issues demands response whether we are inspired by our professional ethics to “do no harm” or we are inspired by the heritage of Catholic health care, to reach out to the most vulnerable with mercy – mercy defined as the ability to enter into the chaos of another.

Our guests in this episode are:

  • Kimberly Williams, Human Trafficking Project Coordinator at CHI Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, Houston, Texas.
  • Mollie Gordon, Psychiatry, Harris Health System, Ben Taub General Hospital, Houston, Texas.
  • Marissa Castellanos Human Trafficking Program Director, Catholic Charities of Louisville, University of Kentucky,
  • Olivia Mittel, Pediatrics, University of Louisville, Lousiville, Kentucky.
  • Laura Krausa, System Director, Advocacy, Catholic Health Initiatives
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