Jack Shea | Storytelling as a Leadership Tool

“Its only in listening to someone else’s story, that I can enter into a life that isn’t my own”

In this episode of the Mission Innovation Podcast we interview Jack Shea who is a theologian, a spiritual guide, a mentor, a poet and a wonderful storyteller.

Storytelling seems to be a foundational aspect of being human. We’ve always told stories of our experiences, our histories, our communities, our lives and our work. Not simply to communicate, but to connect, to empathize and to belong. It is said that a good leader of any organization should be able to tell the story of who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going. In this episode, we explore the dynamics of storytelling in healthcare. Not storytelling that is gossip or undermining patient confidentiality, but what to pay attention to in storytelling that informs, inspires, connects, builds resilience, compassion and enables us to embrace and accompany some of the most joyful and tragic stories that our communities experience.

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