Portland Street Medicine: A Local Picture

Street Medicine is local and international. In this second episode on Street Medicine we hear about health care leaders in Portland, Oregon responding to the needs in their community. The challenge? Nationally, Oregon has the fourth highest rate of homelessness and the second highest rate of families without shelter. In recent years Portland’s chronic homelessness has increased at twice the national rate. The homeless population is growing older, more disabled, and is on the streets for longer periods of time. The homeless in any community face stigma, social isolation, and loss of relationships. They suffer a disproportionate burden of illness and premature death. The life expectancy of a homeless person is 47 years.  The healthcare leaders collaborating in the Portland Street Medicine program are working to shape a different future.

Our guests in this episode include:

  • Dr. Dan Bissell, emergency physician and co-founder and executive director of Portland Street Medicine
  • Drew Grabham, social worker and board member of Portland Street Medicine

This episode was recorded on April 10, 2020

Resources referenced in this episode:

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