Going Digital

…more diversified and innovative forms of production which impact less on the environment can prove very profitable. (Laudato Si 191)

Several years ago, our team began to convert many of our publications from print to online. To give just one example, our flagship weekly newsletter, Insights, is entirely digital. By producing no paper copies, we save at least 30 million sheets of paper per year. If we printed a year of newsletters and stored them in bankers boxes stacked on top of each other, they would reach about four times the height of beautiful Angel Falls (at 3,212 feet, the world’s tallest waterfall). Plus, it’s much easier to find an Insights article in our digital archive than by looking through thousands of banker’s boxes. Many more Common Spirit internal publications are digital only, too. In addition, our team avoids the use of disposable cups, utensils and water bottles in the office and at home.

The CommonSpirit Health Internal Communications Group, Englewood, CO