Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Counteracting the throwaway culture affects the entire planet. (Laudato Si 22)

We at CommonSpirit are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. At Mercy Medical Center Merced, we manage our office equipment to save energy by turning it off at the end of the day, and keeping lights dim or off to assist with cooling the building (we use natural light in our offices). We reduce waste with reusable cups for water and coffee (each new employee is provided with a cup at New Employee Orientation). We replaced water bottles with a water system, we provide employees with reusable bags, and we eliminated the use of disposable silverware and plates in our department. By switching to virtual meetings and teleworking, we are reducing our greenhouse emissions with less travel back and forth between locations. Through these actions we hope to make our workplace a little greener and reduce emissions that impact our environment.

Sara Cordova, Daisy Gonsalves, Nic Stone, Satvir Arias, Human Resources

Mercy Medical Center Merced, Merced, CA