Standing Up for the Sacredness of Life

The call to seek…ways of understanding the serious responsibility of international and local policy… (Laudato Si 16)

Central to our healing mission is heeding the call to stand up for the sacredness of life and dignity of the human person, especially during this time of great human suffering and systemic injustices that continue to confront our world. We must recognize the inextricable relationship between people and Earth if we are to lift up health, healing and our shared humanity for this and future generations. As a child immigrant, I’ve learned the power of voice to create change. I’m so proud of the leadership we provide in the community, state, federal and international arenas – advancing the Paris Climate agreement and landmark climate and energy legislation in fidelity to Laudato Si and care for our common home.

Rachelle Wenger

Public Policy and Advocacy Engagement, Pasadena, CA