Violence and Human Trafficking Prevention and Response

The social dimensions of global change include…increased violence and a rise in new forms of social aggression. (Laudato Si 46)

CommonSpirit has been recognized nationally, and even internationally, for its efforts to identify and assist patients who may be experiencing any type of violence, including human trafficking (HT). Although this is a system-led program, these efforts would not be successful without facility-based leadership, including hospital-based Violence/HT Task Force Teams. In recognition of CommonSpirit’s outstanding efforts in Los Angeles County, the U.S. State Ambassador Against Trafficking In Persons, John Richmond, met with CommonSpirit leaders and community partners at Glendale Memorial Hospital, Glendale, CA. Pictured here from left to right: Marc Wirtz, Cassie McCarty, John Richmond, Jill Welton, Jennifer Cox, and Cherise Charleswell.

Holly Gibbs

Violence and Human Trafficking Response Program