The Gift of Our Core Values

This month our journey looks the core value of Excellence and it’s attributes of Strategic, Accountability and Innovation. These essential attributes of Excellence are at the heart of the video. Watch and listen as our coworker Dr. Lowe, shares how he thinks about and puts forth his personal and professional best.

It takes practice and a personal commitment to bring the spiritual practice of Excellence into our every interaction with those we serve and serve with. It is a practice that can be nurtured by trying to put quality, our best, into everything we do and it takes courage. It takes courage to admit excellence is not perfection, to put ideas forward, to navigate difficulty, to help others when they are challenged, and as leaders, to serve those who work under your leadership, not by leading, but by serving.

When you come to understand excellence is the joining of your beliefs, your way of thinking and focusing, you begin to realize that excellence shows up in how you relate to and with others, and what you ask and see, how you behave, act and decide. People who demonstrate Excellence bring creativity to accomplish the seemingly impossible by bringing out the best in themselves and others, take full ownership and accountability, and stay focused on purpose, on mission.

Bring this unmistakable message into your reflection as you consider this month’s Guide Post and Journal page

8-9-18 Journal Page Excellence

8-9-18 Guide Post Bookmarks Excellence

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