Urban Bioethics: Building Trust

Buildings in TriBeCa, New York City.

Urban Bioethics may be a new term for you. It is a field and focus in bioethics that points a critical lens on the extreme inequalities of health and access to medical, legal, and other resources that leave many urban dwellers and communities distinctly disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and vulnerable. What is this focus, its scope, its lens, its challenges…

Our guests today are from the Center for Urban Bioethics at Temple University in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

  • Nora Jones, anthropologist, Associate Professor in Bioethics, and Associate Director of the Center.
  • Nicolle Strand, Assistant Director for Research at the Center, as well as Assistant Professor. Nicolle is a lawyer and bioethicist.
  • Providenza (or Enza) Rocco, also a lawyer and a social worker, Assistant Professor at the Center.

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