Virtual Ethics Consultation: A Digital Approach

Today, tough choice healthcare ethics dilemmas are discussed by patients, their loved ones and health care professionals. These discussions are about the care and treatment plan of the patient based on their values. Most often these discussions and decisions have been held in person. As healthcare moves to virtual care, especially in our current COVID19 environment, what would virtual ethics discussions or consultations look like? What would be important to pay attention to? Our guests today have offered such virtual ethics discussions on tough choice decisions with patients.

Our guests in this episode include:

  • Cristie Cole-Horsburgh, lawyer and staff ethicist with the Cleveland Clinic, Center for Bioethics
  • Dr. Mahwish Ahmad, physician and transplant ethicist with the Cleveland Clinic, Center for Bioethics

This episode was recorded on March 4, 2020

Resources referenced in this episode:

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