Whole Person Care: An Ethic of Care

On EthicsLab we often look at specific clinical ethical issues, tough choice dilemmas that patient and clinicians are involved in. In this episode we take a step back and look at the bigger picture…an ethic of care. How should someone be treated? Why are we asking this question today? What are some of the stories that makes this apparent? What are some of the tools and practices that are leading the way to honor patients and their human dignity? Our guests in this episode are two national experts in palliative care that will speak to us about “Whole Person Care”. Dr. Ira Byock, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at the Institute for Human Caring at Providence St Joseph Health and Dr. Mimi Pattison, Medical Director of Palliative Care at CHI Franciscan.

Helpful Links: 

Dr. Pattison – House Model

The Institute for Human Caring

Dr. Ira Byock’s Website

The 3rd International Congress on Whole Person Care

2018 International Congress on Palliative Care

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  1. Theresia
    Theresia says:

    Holistic personal care is essential to all as it looks at a person in all aspect of life socially ,Physically,spiritually, emotionally, and psychological.One gets to know a person’s story in all arena and in knowing a person simplifies giving care to that person.Thus value of life is added as a whole person get to be known.The care giver and care receiver both benefit .Care giver get to know the entire needs of the care receiver and a care receiver receives the intended services.


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