Sacred Stories | Lights for Timothy

“As you know, we treated each one of you as a father treats his children.” – 1 Thessalonians 2:11

The glorious Christmas holiday was approaching. I was the charge nurse on a medical/surgical unit during a particularly challenging shift. Two team members approached me, and upon hearing what
they had to say, I understood why their facial expressions told a story of sadness.

We had a pediatric patient, Timothy, who was gravely ill and could not talk. But his smile and bright eyes rewarded our caring efforts and strengthened the bond we developed with him. We discussed the situation with Timothy’s mother; to cheer him, special Christmas decorations were placed in his room. We worked with our facility team to ensure this was safe, and acquired permission from the CEO, which he did not hesitate to give.

Timothy’s family and the nursing team were ecstatic when they heard the news.

In our hospital, we send cards to individuals who make extra efforts to meet patient needs. When I suggested we send one to our CEO, the nursing team was in complete agreement, and thanked him for making a little boy’s Christmas special. Later, the CEO told me it was the first time he had received a gratitude card, and it brought tears to his eyes and joy to his heart.

That was Timothy’s last Christmas on Earth. The joy he brought to his family and the nursing team will never be forgotten, nor will the impact he had on a chief executive officer. Mission-driven holistic patient care is truly a collaborative effort.

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Questions for Reflection

Has there been a time when you considered and requested an exception on behalf of a patient? What was the impact of that choice?

The CEO was moved by the formal recognition he received. How can you show appreciation to your leaders when they go above and beyond?

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