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“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” – Isaiah 66: 13a

On a pediatric surgery day in our surgery department, our first patient was a five-year old girl who was understandably nervous. Her mom and dad were anxious too.

At 9:15 that morning, about 15 of us, all dressed in blue scrubs, held our daily huddle in the hallway by our surgery schedule board. The double doors at the entrance to the hallway opened, and we all stood along the walls so that a stretcher could pass through. Lying on the stretcher was our little patient, all curly haired and huge eyes, clinging tightly to her stuffed animal.

As she drew closer to the sea of surgical staff in blue scrubs, there was no discussion, but we all knew exactly what to do. We began clapping, saying, “Welcome to the OR,” and waving to her.

A huge smile transformed her face, and she started waving back at us. She beamed all the way to the door of the operating room. We looked back toward where she came from and saw the anxious faces of her mom and dad. They broke into smiles as well. We waved at them, too!

The nurse pushing the stretcher said to the little girl, “You didn’t know you were so famous, did you?” The smiling girl looked back down the hall to her parents and blew them a kiss as she went into the operating room. It was a very special moment for all of us.

Submitted by Cindy Bess, RN

Questions for Reflection

As health care professionals, how do you accompany those who are vulnerable or afraid?
In what ways do you further our mission to “make the healing presence of God known” when you care for patients and families?

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