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“So with old age is wisdom, and with length of days understanding.” – Job 12: 12 

The first speaker in our “Extraordinary Speakers in Ordinary Time” series was a guest speaker from Contemplative Outreach of Colorado. She spoke about the “Dynamics of Aging.” One of the things she addressed was the importance of passing wisdom on to the younger generation. Her words led to an “Aha!” moment.

A little background: each year, a local seminary sends three seminarians in- training to us; they minister on our campus. It’s a wonderful program. The residents come to love these seminarians, and vice versa.

At our campus, we have five residents who are retired priests. During the presentation, one of the priests mentioned how sad he was that “No one seeks us out, or seems interested in the wisdom we might have to offer.”

That’s when I realized I could facilitate a meeting of our retired priests and young seminarians. The priests could share their stories, and the seminarians could ask questions.

The meeting was pure magic. It nearly put me in grateful tears to hear the questions asked by the seminarians and the wisdom shared by the priests. The way the seminarians and priests shared vulnerably, honestly, and intimately created a sense that this was sacred ground. The experience was so beautiful that we immediately arranged a follow-up gathering.

These two meetings are a highlight of my time at this location. I am truly thankful to work in a place where I was able to do God’s work by bringing young and old together to connect and share in mutually beneficial ways.

Submitted by Aram Haroutunian

Questions for Reflection

When was the last time you made it a priority to listen to the stories and wisdom of others?

How might you find ways to create opportunities for “sharing wisdom?”

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