Sacred Stories | Spirits Touching

“If there is any encouragement in Christ, any solace in love, any participation in the Spirit, any compassion and mercy, complete my joy by being of the same mind…” Philippians 2:1,2

I met a very elderly patient recently. She was very thin, malnourished, and had been found in a coma.

As we cared for her, she began to revive, although her speech was very slurred and her mind vacillated from lucid to foggy. It took her a long time, with much help, to inform me about her food sensitivities.

At the end of our long conversation, she asked me my first and last names, then mumbled, “we are now forever friends. We know each other after a short visit and we will now be friends for life!”

I immediately resonated with my patient and said “yes, we are indeed, now, life friends!” I assured her that I would check in again and conveyed how much I treasured her and her sweetness. When I added that I would be thinking of and praying for her, she seemed very grateful..

This dear woman began failing the very next day, and never ate or spoke again. Reading her obituary the following week, I discovered that she had been a ministry leader for many decades and that her “mission in life was to share the love of Jesus.” I would also say that my greatest mission in life is to “be God in skin” to any and all I encounter.

So our spirits truly had been in total resonance the day we spoke, even though we had just met. The depth of connection I shared with her remains imprinted in my heart, soul, and spirit, and I look forward to our future relationship in heavenly places.

I have experienced many of these types of soul and spiritual connections, often with people who are dying, and they always leave me touched and feeling blessed. I believe that the connection never ceases, that it will continue even after we all graduate to a higher spirit realm.

Debbie Hillyard, Diet Assistant

Questions for Reflection

Have you experienced a deep connection with a particular individual? What was it about that person that resonated with you?

What do these types of connections tell us about ourselves, about the Spirit, about the presence of God in this world?

About Sacred Stories

As CommonSpirit Health, we make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of
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Sacred Stories convey ways our mission is being lived out by the gifted people in our ministry. We invite you to
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