Sacred Stories | Whenever it Snows, the Memory of Him Comes to Me

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During the early hours of the morning, as I was attending to the needs of a terminally ill gentleman, I mentioned to him that it had started to snow. In a very weak voice, he said, “I would so like to touch the snow once more.”

The snow continued to fall during the night. At 4:30 a.m., I brought a tray outside, collected a mound of snow and took it to his room. He was awake, and when I showed him the snow, he smiled as I arranged the bed linens and placed the tray on his bed. He reached into the snow, picked up a handful and slowly rubbed it across his face, neck, forehead and lips. He then closed his hand and held the snow until it melted.

I stood and watched; there was such a sense of peace about him. I felt very happy that I was able to fulfill his wish.

Less than two days later, he passed away. I believe that in the future, whenever it snows, the memory of him holding snow in his hand will come to me.

Question for Reflection

In what ways have you used creativity to meet a person’s needs?

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