The ‘Value’ of Core Values in our Workplace

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time on the important path of exploring each of our ministry’s core values. We have looked at ways in
which they not only support us in the work that we do but how they make a difference in the lives of those we serve and serve with.

At this point in our journey, we pause to look back, recalling the path we have traveled and take some time to consider what difference working
in a culture, a workplace environment that strives to do its best to live its faith-based heritage and core values, makes for us in our work and in
our ability to care for others.

Remember the old Tina Turner song, “What’s love got to do with it?” Well it turns out, for this segment, just about everything. Rightly understood, love activates, empowers and encourages the expression of our core values. It is the value that supports and upholds our core values. Because we understand that our core values, help us extend the love of God to those we meet.

Let’s listen to our coworker Betsy talk about the relationship of core values, work and love.

In Christian Spirituality love isn’t so much about how you feel, but what you do. It’s doing what’s best for others with little or no return for us.
There is a certain freedom that can be gained by understanding that love is doing the right thing without necessarily experiencing the warm
fuzzy feelings. For example:

Letting go of anger or hurt might not be what you want to do, but to do so, is a form of love. Or, showing reverence to a person who doesn’t like you or who you don’t like, is a form of love. Showing tenderness and compassion to another when things don’t go well. Safeguarding and holding with integrity a co-worker’s feelings. Collaborating, Listening, Affirming, Encouraging…

These are forms of love that uphold our core values, help us to create the workplace we really desire, and do the work we believe we are called
to do.

Working in a culture, a workplace environment that strives to do its best to live its faith-based heritage and core values offers the unique
opportunity to not only see, but reinforce, that our life, our work is more than just the tasks we do. Such a culture, as Betsy said, allows us to
reveal through our work, our life, a little bit of why God invited us here.

Bring these thoughts into your reflection as you consider this month’s Guide Post and Journal page. We encourage you, to the extent you are
comfortable, to share your thoughts with others on the journey with you.

9-20-18 Journal Page Value of Core Values

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