CHEIF 2019 Presenter Slides

CHEIF Agenda

Bedford – Catholic Health Ethics Internships-Lessons Learned from Five Years’ Experience

Bedford – Ethos-a Journal of Catholic Health Culture

Eberl – Making Conscientious Refusals in Health Care

Gremmels – Standard System-Wide Ethics Curriculum for Residents

Gremmels – When to Hire a Clinical Ethicist

Heyl – How the ‘Complex Care Team’ Supports Ethics on Complex Cases

Homan – Precision Matters-Measurement, Assessment & Evalution of Clinical Ethics Consultation

Horner – The Morning Huddle as an Advertising Opportunity-Explaining Ethics One Unit at a Time

Kenney – Proactive Ethics Integration-The Ascension Model

Kenney – The Ethics of Care and Caring for Ethicists

Kockler – Managing Professional Ethicists-Leadership Principles Informing Workload, Hours, Handoffs, Self-Care, and Peer Support

Laethem – Engaging Nurse Managers in Ethics Integration through Rounding

Morris – A Three-Pronged Approach to Ecclesial Relations

Namakydoost – Developing Competencies in Clinical Ethics Consultation

Namakydoost – Reinforcing Ethics on the Clinical Unit

Patten and Laethem – Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Tool

Patten and Laethem – OSF DMC Assessment Tool (IL) – 12.18.19

Repenshek – Implementing Guidelines for Socially Responsible Investing

Repenshek, Kuhnel, Murphy – Ethics Documention in the EMR-Two Systems’ Attempts at a Template

Stephens – Addressing and Mitigating Bias in Volunteer-Based Healthcare Ethics Consultation

Trancik – Integrating Mission and Values into Everyday Decision-Making for Leadership Teams